Advertising on this site is one of the most cost-effective ways of putting your business online with the minimum of fuss, and the advantage is that for the price of a local ad, your products will be visible far and wide.

Free Listings: Any business serving the Garway area may apply for a free listing on this site. This will take the form of a two-line entry in the indexed list of businesses accessible from the main Business Directory page. Free entries will be limited to the name of the business and brief contact details. Free listings must be renewed annually, as this is the only way we can keep the list up to date with all current businesses.

Enhanced Listings: Listed businesses may also pay for Enhanced Listing on the site. This will take the form of a single page on which can include your business logos and up to four photographs and a description of your business of up to 500 words. This page will be accessible via a clicked link from your entry in the index page, and you may also quote the direct web address of your page on this site to your customers. If you are unsure about what is being described click here for an example of Enhanced Listing already on this site.

Featured Business of the Month: There may be times when you would want to give your business an extra bit of visibility on the site - seasonal offers or special events, for example. The Featured Business of the Month gets extra space above all the other listings on the main business index page which will be seen by every visitor to the Business Directory, who will then be directed to link to your Enhanced Listing page.

Design Services: If you need your own website we can recommend a web designer who will be happy to discuss options with you.

Links to your own external website: If your business has an existing website of its own, we will link your free Business Directory listing to it. Please let us have the details.

Advertising during 2012: Advertising rates are based on the calendar year, January to December. All advertising agreements will run initially to December 2012 and advertisers joining the site during the year will pay pro-rata for the remaining time. All paying advertisers will be contacted by us with a renewal reminder at the year-end.

Advertising rates for 2012

Directory entry: free

Enhanced Listings: £50 per annum

Featured Business of the Month: £20 per month or £50 for 3 months when booked in one block.

Garway Community Website reserves the right to change advertising terms and conditions at any time. The current terms are as shown above. Existing annual contracts will be unaffected by changes made in the course of a year, with changes taking effect at annual renewal.